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Another year rolls on, as I write this we are having some much needed rain to keep all the crops and grass growing, so long as it remembers to stop.

We had a good lambing with numbers holding up well despite the dry summer last year, due in part to our decision to supplement the ewes at tupping. The commercial lambs grew on well with 50% again sold for Easter, and although not hitting last year’s heights we had a good trade with our customers happy to pay a premium for good quality lambs hitting their requirements.

The breeding lambs suffered early on with a nemotodirus outbreak but they are now moving on well again. Their ultrasound scanning results showed some variance and the scanning of them earlier at 14-16 weeks means their actual scan figures take some getting used to, as will the new National Terminal Sire Evaluation and the rebasing of the Suffolk figures.

If you want more information on this and the latest from the Ramcompare project please do come along to our open evening on Wednesday the 10th July at Manor Farm, Harrold at 6.30pm.

If you are unable to make the evening but are looking for a ram please do look at our sales page, with many of them being in the top5% on the Suffolk Breed.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give me a call on 07958 768116



What a year 2018 has been a real rollercoaster for all of those involved in farming from the long wet winter into a drought through the early summer. Lamb prices have also been a rollercoaster from some real highs in the late spring but then dropping off into summer. I hope that everyone has found something to give them hope through the year.

We were lucky in that the price rise coincided with us selling our prime lambs and we achieved our best every sale prices, with the lambs growing well and carrying plenty of meat.

Moving on the lambs we have kept have done very well and look very well, with some good ultrasound scanning results, our flock averages continue to increase as we look to provide our customers with rams that will deliver fast growing well fleshed prime lambs.

Due to the drought and lack of grass we have been feeding some of the ewes to flush them, but they all look well and are tupping well.

If you are looking for a ram please do look at our sales page.