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What a year 2018 has been a real rollercoaster for all of those involved in farming from the long wet winter into a drought through the early summer. Lamb prices have also been a rollercoaster from some real highs in the late spring but then dropping off into summer. I hope that everyone has found something to give them hope through the year.

We were lucky in that the price rise coincided with us selling our prime lambs and we achieved our best every sale prices, with the lambs growing well and carrying plenty of meat.

Moving on the lambs we have kept have done very well and look very well, with some good ultrasound scanning results, our flock averages continue to increase as we look to provide our customers with rams that will deliver fast growing well fleshed prime lambs.

Due to the drought and lack of grass we have been feeding some of the ewes to flush them, but they all look well and are tupping well.

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As we approach Easter and the start of our selling period for our prime lambs, at last we seem to have some drier weather forecast.

We have had a very exciting time for the pedigree flock having purchased the “Godwick” flock from John Garner on its dispersal last summer as our tups were going in so it meant we needed a different ram so a quick trip to see Mr Blanchard saw me buy a fine figure of a ram, with performance figures to match of course. Due to time constraints he was straight in to work and work he did, with some good lambs born this January. We had scanned one of our larger Suffolk crops, sadly we were hit by schmallenberg losing around 10% of lambs, which took the gloss off what was otherwise an excellent lambing with strong vigorous lambs, who are now growing well.

Then at the end of January I seized the chance to purchase some 28 in lamb ewes from Hans Porksen’s renowned “Hans” flock, these ewes were scanned at over 200% expecting 58 lambs from 28 ewes, as ever sadly we are not going to tail over 200%, but we do have some strong looking lambs so far with lots of vigour and easy lambing. These ewes were all in lamb to Hans Fokker 95 or sired by him, which is why I was so keen to buy them due to his tremendous performance figures as shown below with already over 270 progeny on the ground across several pedigree flocks.

Name 8 WWt EBV Scan Wt EBV Muscle Depth EBV Fat Depth EBV Index
Fokker 957.0412.667.830.295.56
Breed top 1%6.0012.044.380.834.27

As you can see his figures are remarkable with him having the highest Muscle Depth EBV for a Suffolk stock ram in 2016.

We were hoping to push our performance figures this year due to our purchases and to our delight we have won the Most improved flock award for 2017, having been the most improved recorded Suffolk flock in 2016.